Windows IoT Build 10.0.14297 on Raspberry Pi 3

I installed Build 10.0.14297 (on a new Raspberry Pi 3,

(an updated version now in the mean time, see Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview Build 14262 (February 2016 Build)but lesser functionality it seems)

To be short, not the experience I hoped, but a pleasant surprise at the end.


  • Internal Wifi and Bluetooth not working !,
  • WiPi USB stick not working
  • My Logitech Bluetooth (own dongle) not working correct, make it impossible to enter my Wi-Fi Password.

So had to use a network cable to be able to configure it 😦

Really, not the improvements I hoped for from the  Release Notes ,

The What’s new is adapted it seems:


But I think this completely ruins the first impression, what should have been the best part of Buid 14262 a seamless installation experience for new users of an Rpi3 with the integrated WiFi and BT.

So if you want to start and do not have compatible Wifi around, you are stuck for another while.

and again I needed some Flashing ..

  • NXP RFC reader not compatible, installing driver causes inaccessible boot device.

So I needed to reinstall a couple of times.

On the good side :

The Raspberry Official 7″ Display works now in the Raspberry Pi 3 !!, complete with touch ! 

I also found a workaround for the RPi 2 and have a : 5″ Display with controllerboard working over HDMI and working USB mouse emulation running on Windows 10 Iot Core now.

But the 7″ Display working with “real” 10 P captive touch, is a

whole other experience !!

So for me still a successful update after all !!

Hence this quick post and I hope this get fixed soon. my experiences might help someone.


Greetings Marc





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